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The hottest girl: Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone, the current Bollywood pornstar, recently confessed what for years since she began her career as an actress was rumored to have a past in the adult film industry. This has led to her being in the career of the young actress.


Sunny Leone has been the favorite pornstar of a lot of people that like the young and hot girls that’s why Sunny Leone is one of the top pornstar searched.


The first movie of Sunny Leone

The first appearance of Sunny Leone in an Indian film was on the film 'Jism 2' in 2005. The hot girl Sunny Leone then participated in the horror film 'Ragini MMS 2', which was a great commercial success and earned him positive reviews for his performance. But, his success came with participation in the reality Big Boss.


Sunny Leone started to win fans because of her excellent porn movies that she did, that’s why she is actually one of the best pornstars.


The career of Sunny Leone


That served as a lever to start a successful career in the film industry in India. The hot girl Sunny Leone participated in two blockbuster films, a thriller and a horror film, and starred in a comedy of sexual entanglements that is about to be released in india soon starred by Sunny Leone.

"Everything I've done in my life has taken me where I am," that was what the hot Sunny Leone said . "Everything has been a step for something bigger and better," se said when her past became public. "I have no horrible story (to tell): I was not abused, neither beat or harassed me," Sunny Leone concluded.

Sunny Leone biography

Sunny Leone was born in Ontario, Canada, although her parents are from India. The hot Sunny Leone always very active and open-minded about sex, as she discovered that she was bisexual at age 14 and lost her virginity at age 16.


At age 15, she emigrated with her family to the United States. While studying at the University they introduced a Penthouse photographer who persuaded her to do a session that turned out to be a great success. In 2001 she decided to make the leap to porn, signing a 3-year exclusive contract with Vivid starred by Sunny Leone.


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